[COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 140208 Kim Jaejoong at Jang Geun Suk’s Fanmeet

Sweet BFF ^^


  • Jaejoong performed ‘Keshou’ at JKS’s fanmeeting today as a guest! [via @ayano_jyj]

Full Audio

  • Jaejoong said he was perplexed because of GS fans giving off a roar of applause in the middle of him singing, unlike his own fans being solemn when he sings, and he thought if he should sing the rest with laughs. haha. See our bb’s baffled face. [cr. maimpromp via @jaetaku]
  • Jaejoong said he was embarrassed by JKS’s fans cheering him when he was singing ‘Keshou’. because his fans listen to the song silently. [via @forjj]
  • After Jae’s Keshou, JGS went up the stage, “shyly” called “Hyung”, hugged Jae and turned a few rounds! *What?! LOL* [via @ShadowJaeJes]

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