[FAN ACCOUNT] My JJ journal for Kim Jaejoong’s 1st Asia Tour Concert in Seoul & Yokohama



By Cleopetra Kim (@JaeObsession)


This was the first time I was attending a JJ concert since becoming his fan in April and diehard one in June. I don’t know any guest singers and due to time constraint, I only listened to a few songs of WWW album before the concerts.

Here goes:
Opening VCR was enigmatic, the king was fierce and frightening but I was more curious what those symbols represent? Is there a story behind the video?

The magnificent laser beams and descend of the cage with JJ in it, everyone tried to find where JJ was, it was difficult with so much stage effects going on.

9+1#– My #1 favourite from the album. JJ’s appearance, no shirt underneath fur coat, Jaenip, tattoo on his torso and ribcage. In my mind, Axl Rose St. Louis minus badass attitude. There were screams and u could hear fan-girls dying…

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