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[PICS] 131230 Bus Advertisement for 2014 Kim Jaejoong WWW Asia Tour Concert



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[NEWS] 131228 Jaejoong’s ‘I’ voted album of the year in ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2013’



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JYJ‘s Jaejoong‘s ‘I‘ has been voted by fans as the album of the year in Tower Records Japan’s ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2013‘, and there’s even more good news as it has been announced that Jaejoong will celebrate his birthday with fans with additional concert dates!

C-JeS Entertainment stated on December 28, “In the album category for Japan’s Tower Records’ ‘K-POP LOVERS! AWARDS 2013’, Jaejoong’s first solo mini-album ‘I’ ranked #1.”

The agency also announced Jaejoong’s plans for his upcoming birthday on January 26: “In honor of Jaejoong’s birthday, a special concert and fan meeting will be held for the Seoul concert of his domestic tour. The concert, ‘2014 Kim Jaejoong 1st album Asia Tour Concert & J Party‘, will be held at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium on January 25-26. This concert will feature a one-hour birthday party session fan meeting in addition to Jaejoong’s…

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[REVIEW] Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Album Review by Yam-Magazine

Very proud of my man! XDDD


Release Date: 29 October 2013
Label: C-Jes Entertainment


  1. 빛 (Light)
  2. Don’t Walk Away (ft. Yong Jun-Hyung of B2ST)
  3. Just Another Girl [MV]
  4. Butterfly
  5. Rotten Love
  6. 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day) (ft. Lee Song of Noel)
  7. Let The Rhythm Flow
  8. 그랬지 (It Is)
  9. Now Is Good
  10. 9+1#
  11. Luvholic (ft. Ha Dung-Kyun)
  12. Modern Beat
  13. Paradise

When Kim Jaejoong took his first steps into the rock genre with this year’s release of I, many were (unsurprisingly) skeptical. After all, pretty boys come and go, and so many of them want to be “taken seriously,” attempting to go outside their comfort zones, to varying levels of success. However, when his first single dropped, all talk of him being nothing more than a rocker wannabe was veritably squashed.

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[NEWS] 131227 Moldir Designer Kim Jaejoong attended Lotte Duty Free Year-end Party

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 photo 1388133565-66.jpg

On December 26, the brand Moldir featured its premium leather bags and leather accessories; designer Ko Tae Yong, singer Kim Jaejoong and others hosted the ‘Lotte Duty Free Year-end Party’ in the evening at Club Answer in Cheongdam-dong.

Participating as Moldir designer Kim Jaejoong graced the event with his presence.

The event featured designer Ko Tae Yong’s brand ‘beyond closet’’s 2014 Spring/Fall Collection and JYJ Kim Jaejoong who was involved in the design for the premium leather bag brand ‘Moldir’ that provided to the attendees the new attraction of its unfolding with the fashion show.

Kim Jaejoong is already receiving attention at home and abroad for being involved in the design of Moldir and introducing its high-class products.

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Sources:Wow TV + Top Star News
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[RANKING + REVIEW] Kim Jaejoong’s “Just Another Girl” MV topped Yinyuetai Monthly V-Chart (November)



Note: Yinyuetai is one of the major MV sharing site in China.

 photo 2013NovJAGYinyuetai.png

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[REVIEW] 131221 4-Hour Shinkansen Ride to See Jaejoong for Osaka Concert? No Problem

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 photo osaka_2wh04.jpg

When the video began to play, Jaejoong‘s fans went wild with the red glowsticks.

All the seats were filled, so more seats were added. Those filled up quickly as well, and some 22,000 fans filled the huge Osaka-jo Hall. It was a cold night because of the early rains, but it didn’t hinder Jaejoong’s fans from filling up the large venue.

Jaejoong entered the stage wearing leather pants and a long black fur coat and began to sing “9+1” and “Butterfly.” That’s how the ‘Kim Jae Joong 1st Album Asia Tour Concert in OSAKA’ began. Flashing the tattoos on his body, he stopped to hear the fans cheering on his name for more of his performance.

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[NEWS] 131208 Kim Jae Joong deeply impresses people in China with a great manner

Jae Jae daebak!!!


Kim Jae Joong deeply impressed people in China with a great manner.

On December 6th, Kim Jae Joong arrived in Nanjing, China for his Asia tour show.

Kim Jae Joong met up with approximately 50 local media reporters, and deeply impressed them with a great manner and attitude.

Kim Jae Joong said, “I added an extra show in Nanjing for fans who are making their way all the way to Nanjing from different regions.”

Kim Jae Joong answered questions about his new album, and how he feels to be in China.

As one of the reporters asked Kim why he chose ‘love’ as the theme of his new album, he said, “I think love is the most beautiful motif that people can write music and story from. Everyone goes through it at some point in their lives, but it is always equally difficult to everyone, and I tried to express…

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