[TRANS] Kstyle News Interviewed Jaejoong Fans at Yokohama Stadium Concerts



The Origin of Our Love For Jaejoong Is His Singing

During the concerts, words such as “Sexy”, “Eroi”, and “Kakkoii” were outpoured from the audience. Although they were focusing his pale yet well-shaped body, he is singer who represents K-pop after all. The first thing that captivated fans’ hearts was his beautiful voice.

A woman in her 60s from Sendai firmly said, “Jaejoong’s charm is his voice. I always fall in love with singers’ voices, so I used to love Jaejoong’s voice most among Tohoshinki members back then.” A sixth-year fan, high school student from Saitama said “When I first listened to a Tohoshinki song, I fell for his voice that was singing the chorus . But later it turned out that he was even a handsome man!”

There were overwhelmingly a lot of fans who fell for his singing and subsequently his looks . And then they eventually started to…

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