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[HQ PICS] 131027 Kim Jaejoong’s “Butterfly” performance for Arirang Concert at the Blue House

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[TRANS] 131026 Kim Jaejoong’s Interview for Esquire Magazine

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Q: This magazine photo shoot is one long after the last one in India. So, how do you feel?

A: Very interesting, very moving.

Q: What have you been doing?

A: Preparing for my album. A lot of memories surfaced during the process of song composing. It was especially so as I wrote 80% of the lyrics while I recalled what happened at that time. I have been quite sentimental these days.

(His tears dropped during the photo shoot. The photographer, Mok Na Jung, said it was the first time she cried following the tears of the person being photographed.)

Q: So just now…

A: Yes, a bit overwhelmed / emotional.

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[REVIEW] 131024 JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong Reignites The Power Of 1980s Rock With ‘Butterfly’ The Debut Single From ‘WWW’


K-pop is not a genre typically associated with having strong rock roots.

But then again, Kim “Hero” Jaejoong is not an artist known for playing by the rules.

The former TVXQ member famously provoked the wrath of his former record label SM Entertainment, after he, Park “Micky” Yoochun and Kim “Xia” Junsu left their former band and label to form JYJ.

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[NEWS] 131019 JYJ Jaejoong’s Upcoming Album Expected To Be An Impressive Mix Of Talents



Since the announcement that JYJ member Kim Jaejoong would be releasing his first full-length solo album, WWW, at the end of this month, fans have been super stoked to see what the talented singer plans to bring to the table.

In the past couple weeks, fans have gotten a taste of what is in store with teaser images, details revealed by the singer’s agency, and the pre-release track “A Sunny Day.”

C-JeS previously revealed that Jaejoong had spent months preparing for the album release and that album will make a strong statement with rock’n’roll sounds.

On October 18, the full track list was released to the public, and in it, some surprising details.

Not only is “A Sunny Day” featuring Lee Sang Gon of Noel receiving a lot of attention and praise, but there is significant buzz about the JYJ member’s collaborations with B2ST member Yong JunHyung for the track “Don’t Walk Away” and  Ha Dong-Kyun*…

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[RANKING] 131018 Kim Jaejoong’s “Shiny Day” ft. Lee Sang Gon topped Other Korean Charts

My man! Daebak!!!


Oct 17th: “Shiny Day” #1 on Mnet Daily Chart 

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[INFO] 131018 Important Information regarding Kim Jaejoong’s WWW Album: Genres, Tracklist and Collaborations

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  • Post grunge
  • Brit-pop
  • Neo-punk
  • J-rock
  • New metal
  • Free folk
  • Emocore
  • Ballad

WWW Track list:

  1. 빛 (Light)
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong / Composition & Arrangement: Jung Jae Yeop)
  2. Don’t Walk Away – ft. BEAST Yong Junhyung
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong / Composition & Arrangement: TEXU)
  3. Just Another Girl
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong, D.Brown, Baek Moo Hyun / Composition & Arrangement: D.Brown, Baek Moo Hyun)
  4. Butterfly
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong / Composition: Hwe Jang Nim, 2JAJA / Arrangement: Hwe Jang Nim)
  5. Rotten Love
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong / Composition: Kim Jaejoong, Kwon Bin Gi / Arrangement: Kwon Bin Gi)
  6. 햇살 좋은 날 (Sunny Day / Shiny Day) – ft. NOEL Lee Sang Gon
    (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Baek Moo Hyun)
  7. Let The Rhythm Flow
    (Lyrics: Kim Jaejoong / Composition & Arrangement: TEXU)
  8. 그랬지 (So it was)
    (Lyrics, Composition, Arrangement: Kim Jaejoong)
  9. Now Is Good
    (Lyrics & Composition: Yoon Do Hyun / Arrangement: Choo Seung Yeop)
  10. 9+1#

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