[TRANS] Herose’s Admin: “My Memoirs of CJeS for 4 Years”

Wait for Part 2.


JYJ3’s Note:

Dear Readers,

The following information revealed by Korean HEROSE’s ex-Admin doesn’t represent the opinion of all JYJ3 Team.

We have decided to share Herose’s ex-Admin: “My Memoirs of CJeS for 4 Years”, because HEROSE has a good reputation among Jaejoong/JYJ fandom as a very supportive fansite thanks to the many fanprojects they have conducted, furthermore HEROSE’s ex-Admin is disclosing several incidents, which allow us to understand the drama between CJeS and Korean Jaejoong’s fans. 
As international fans who have experienced many incidents since TVXQ5 days, we have learned that nothing good will come out from trying to hide things from the fandom; in the end everything will be revealed sooner or later. At least since this time the Korean fandom is sharing their experience to the international fans, it’s better to know everything beforehand and not at the last minute.
We are JYJ’s fans now and we don’t intend to commit…

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