[TRANS] “The JYJ” Magazine Vol. 2: Reply 2013…



Reply 2013…

Friends who are like family, fans who move the heart and soul, music that is like part of your own body. Members relied on these sources of strength to walk to today. It has been 10 years. In the time that has elapsed, friends, fans and music are existences that are more important to the members than their own existence.

With these important existences, they will go forward into the next 10 years. Those 10 years will hold the times of their 30s. What is rushing towards them is not so much to look more mature but rather, a sense of responsibility. The age of immaturity when you do not want to grow up is over, a heavy sense of responsibility is added on.

Yuchun said, “It’s the age where you take responsibility for whatever decisions you make.” Junsu also said, “From 30 years old, it’s the age where…

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