[RUMOUR CONTROL] 130706 HEROSE shares information regarding Jaejoong & JYJ weibo account’s Incident

I only know when a person make a mistake, he or she shall apologize.


JYJ3’s Note:

HEROSE (A Korean Jaejoong Fansite) have shared information they received from CJeS related to a recent incident involving Jaejoong, JYJ Weibo account and Yunjae’s fans. [The incident we’re referring to is this post.]

We decided to share C-jes’s Unofficial Statements to our readers, because our main purpose as a JYJ Fansite is to protect JYJ’s members from harmful rumors. Seeing how these rumors have spread internationally, we wanted to clear up this issue for you and prevent any further harm to Jaejoong that could be caused by this rumor. Through HEROSE’s Unofficial correspondence with CJeS, we now know that it was a staff leaving replies to fans on JYJ’s Weibo and not Kim Jaejoong himself.

1.- C-JeS’s Unofficial Statement to HEROSE:

 photo c7b06130b62ec54814229435a9e5cb93.jpg

[Chinese Translation]

JYJ members’ Weibo accounts are official Social Networking Services (SNS) that were created to communicate with Chinese fans. The purpose of these accounts are…

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