[NEWS] 130703 Asahi Shinbun: Popularity Born from Fans’ Hunger


JYJ3’s Note: “Asahi Shinbun” is one of the largest Japanese daily newspaper, with 7.64 million copies issued per day (via @miar815)

 photo 20130627103511_5422.jpg

It was an unusual sight in a way. Kim Jejung, a member of Korean trio artist, JYJ, had his solo live concert last June 26 at Yokohama Arena, Kanagawa Prefecture. Fans’ screams even had tearful tinge in it, and there were some fans who couldn’t stop crying. This scene looked similar to when JYJ held a concert at Tokyo Dome this April after three years. When Jejung, Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun appeared on stage, fans’ shouts of delight had a tearful tone, and some fans kept crying while holding towels.

These three [JYJ] have hardly been able to do any entertainment activities in Japan these past four years. They brought a case against their former management company in Korea as they were unsatisfied with the content of their contract…

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