[PIC+INFO] 130621 JYJ Japan Update: Jejung Fanmeeting and Concert Goods

Red (JYJ’s Unity Colour) and of course, Green (Jae’s personal colour) ^___^


 photo BNSYSP1CIAExUk8png_large.png

Members, thank you for your continuous support for Kim Jaejoong.

This is the guide to the sale of goods for his Yokohama concert on June 24-26.

Note that there will be no online sales. Selling will be on location only during the concert dates.

– Big uchiwa (either red or green) – 1,500 JPY (tax included)
– Muffler towel – 3,000 JPY (tax included)
– Light Stick – 1,700 JPY (tax included) Note: Only 1 pc per person per purchase

Planned selling time:
June 24 (Monday) – 130 pm onwards
June 25 (Tuesday) – 1 pm onwards
June 26 (Wednesday) – 1 pm onwards
– Because there’s only limited quantity, sale of products will stop as soon as they are sold out each day.
– Depending on the situation, the start time of selling might be changed.

Yokohama Arena main entrance

– Although you can use previous…

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