[AUDIO+COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 130621 Jejung’s Radio Guesting at Tokyo FM

So hot, so cool, so sweet yeah!


@shacong via @rubypurple_fan

  • It’s been awhile. This is JYJ’s Jaejoong.
  • I’m a little sleepy.
  • Been practicing my radio voice (laughs)
  • DJ: Jaejoong’s charm is oozing
  • If you are invited to drink by someone you don’t like, would you still go? Yes, I will go because that person might get lonely if I turned down their invite.
  • I’m more pressured when I do solo activities but I also like the feeling of being able to do so.
  • How do you make sexy lyrics? I remember my old love
  • What’s your type? I don’t have any
  • I haven’t been doing body training since currently I don’t have any exercising machine at home
  • Some songs from the Asia tour are different than the Yokohama stop. I’ve been practicing a lot.
  • I’m not good at saying I love you, but I promise to say I love you every day in the Yokohama concert. I…

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