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[INFO] AVEX vs. C-JeS : AVEX’s Appeal, 1st Court Hearing, June 26th

Damm you AVEX!


JYJ3’s Note: A= AVEX and C= C-jes

[Appeal C vs A]
– The court hearing was yesterday, June 26.
– A has appealed the court decision that C won.
– In the original case, C is the plaintiff and A is the defendant. Since this is an appeal, the roles are reversed. A is the plaintiff and C is the defendant.
– Probability of the decision by the lower court to be overturned is low. If this appeal will be dismissed then it will be the end.

[Live update (at that time, lol)
– C lawyer appeared!
– A lawyer appeared]

– Next court hearing is on August 7, 11 am. There was a new claim from A. (Note: they can have a claim but no additional evidence can be submitted.) Rebuttal from C will happen on Aug 7. So hopefully we’ll have a decision by then. There is also…

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[INTERVIEW] 130622 Kstyle – JYJ Jaejoong: “The things I gained during solo activities…the preciousness of JYJ members and the desire to explore music”


“The things I gained during solo activities… the preciousness of JYJ members and the desire to explore music”

 photo 01.jpg
(C) C-JeS Entertainment

Starting from June 24th, JYJ’s Jaejoong will be performing his last concerts of his Asia tour in Yokohama Arena for three consecutive days. Now Kstyle will use “Jaejoong x KStyle Special Edition” as the theme, focusing on this fanmeeting and gather questions that the fans want to ask Jaejoong.

Jaejoong accepted KStyle’s interview for this fanmeeting! He talked about his drive for fanmeeting and his thoughts towards all his fans. Our editors also held a Q&A session with Jaejoong about things that he cared about. Here’s a very realistic side of Jaejoong.

Q: Regarding the last stop of your Asia tour, the next three days at Yokohama Arena, could you elaborate on things that are particularly worth watching, listening and looking forward to?

Jaejoong:This is my first solo album…

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[PIC+INFO] 130621 JYJ Japan Update: Jejung Fanmeeting and Concert Goods

Red (JYJ’s Unity Colour) and of course, Green (Jae’s personal colour) ^___^


 photo BNSYSP1CIAExUk8png_large.png

Members, thank you for your continuous support for Kim Jaejoong.

This is the guide to the sale of goods for his Yokohama concert on June 24-26.

Note that there will be no online sales. Selling will be on location only during the concert dates.

– Big uchiwa (either red or green) – 1,500 JPY (tax included)
– Muffler towel – 3,000 JPY (tax included)
– Light Stick – 1,700 JPY (tax included) Note: Only 1 pc per person per purchase

Planned selling time:
June 24 (Monday) – 130 pm onwards
June 25 (Tuesday) – 1 pm onwards
June 26 (Wednesday) – 1 pm onwards
– Because there’s only limited quantity, sale of products will stop as soon as they are sold out each day.
– Depending on the situation, the start time of selling might be changed.

Yokohama Arena main entrance

– Although you can use previous…

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[AUDIO+COMPILATION OF TWEETS] 130621 Jejung’s Radio Guesting at Tokyo FM

So hot, so cool, so sweet yeah!


@shacong via @rubypurple_fan

  • It’s been awhile. This is JYJ’s Jaejoong.
  • I’m a little sleepy.
  • Been practicing my radio voice (laughs)
  • DJ: Jaejoong’s charm is oozing
  • If you are invited to drink by someone you don’t like, would you still go? Yes, I will go because that person might get lonely if I turned down their invite.
  • I’m more pressured when I do solo activities but I also like the feeling of being able to do so.
  • How do you make sexy lyrics? I remember my old love
  • What’s your type? I don’t have any
  • I haven’t been doing body training since currently I don’t have any exercising machine at home
  • Some songs from the Asia tour are different than the Yokohama stop. I’ve been practicing a lot.
  • I’m not good at saying I love you, but I promise to say I love you every day in the Yokohama concert. I…

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[TRANS] 130621 Tokyo FM: JYJ Jejung talks about love, “I’m a love at first sight type”

My Jae, Love At First Sight = Lust At First Sight…
Are you sure???


Tokyo FM 『Yon Pachi』 June 21 1300-1630 (Live)

By: Tokyo FM, June 21 6:45 pm

Last June 21, on Tokyo FM’s nationwide program 『Yon Pachi 48 hours~weekend mister~』 (airs every Friday from 1 pm to 430 pm), JYJ Jejung who is currently in Japan, made a surprise appearance to promote his Asia Grand Tour Finale in Yokohama Arena! He talked about his Asia tour and his love life.

 photo d4829-202-760882-0.jpg

Jejung is very fluent in Japanese, he appeared in the studio without an interpreter. He greeted everyone in fluent Japanese, “Hi everyone! It’s been a long time! This is Jejung!”. He has more friends in Japan than in Korea that sometimes he eats alone. Host Suzuki Osamu san asked “What would you do if you got invited to drink by someone you don’t like?” in which Jejung replied ‘I will go. One usually invites friends when one is drinking alone. He might…

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