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[HQ SCANS] JYJ featured in “Crea-Star” Vol. 16 (June 2013 Issue)


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[NEWS] 130518 Top 10 K-Pop Albums Of 2013 (So Far) – Kim Jaejoong



There is the old saying: numbers don’t lie – and judging by the counts of album sales, 2013 is shaping up to be a pretty stellar year for some of most highly regarded K-Pop artists.

According to Instiz, the site that compiles the various charts used to rank music sales in South Korea, these are the top-sellers so far this year.

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[NEWS] 130515 Who sold the most albums so far in 2013? – Kim Jaejoong


2013 is off to a great start in K-pop with the return of some of the top acts in the music industry. Even though digital sales have been steadily taking over the physical album sales, this year many idols have enjoyed high album sales.

The ranking isn’t exactly scientific as album releases vary by date, and certain albums have more than one part or include repackage editions. But still, when’s a ranking ever not fun?

Here is a list of the top 10 artists who sold the most albums in 2013 so far from January 1 to April 30 courtesy of Gaon:

1. SHINee

283,189 albums sold (Part 1 & Part 2)
Dream Girl: Misconceptions of You‘ released February 2
Why So Serious?: Misconceptions of Me‘ released April 26
SM Entertainment

2. Girls’ Generation

282,760 albums sold
I Got a Boy‘ released January 1

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[ENG SUB] 130429 MBC Documentary Special about JYJ’s Concert in Tokyo Dome


With Chinese Subs too~

Credit: JYJAKTW20110901
Shared by: JYJ3

Shared by: JYJ3

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[EDITORIAL] Ultimate K-pop Survival Guide: JYJ



By Xiaolong:

K-pop is an extremely competitive genre, a small country with a population of merely 50 million people produces new artists literally almost every day. The industry is like a ruthless stepmother: once you make a serious mistake, it might cost you your career and more.  Career ups and downs are normal in an artist’s life but in K-pop, once you reached the lowest part, it is very difficult to climb up the mountain again. Ultimate K-pop Survival Guide will be a short series on artists who have managed to turn their failing career from point zero back again or who had gone through a lot of hardships and still managed to remain successful. Not only rookie artists but we, the audience, can also learn a lot from them.

Avoid them as if they were lepers

The first installment of the series is dedicated to perhaps the biggest survivors of…

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