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[ENG SUB] 130404 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – Talk Before Singing “Fallen Leaves”

TT__TT *heartache…


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[NEWS] 130422 2PM’s Jun.K thanks JYJ for paving the way to Japan and Tokyo Dome



2PM held their ‘LEGEND OF 2PM’ concert at Tokyo Dome on April 21st, 2013.

Jun.K (Kim Minjun) said at the press conference prior to the concert, ‘We are able to perform at Tokyo Dome thanks to our seniors such as JYJ, TVXQ, who came to Japan as K-pop stars before us and paved the way for us. Thanks to our seniors’ remarkable activities, 2PM can promote in Japan easily and hold a concert at Tokyo Dome. I want to share this honor with my seniors. I really wanted to say this.”

(Parts unrelated to JYJ have been omitted)

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[NEWS] 130419 The reason JYJ ‘won the lawsuit’ and start afresh, silenced the leaders of the entertainment world.


The reason JYJ, the group who was shaken due to the split, ‘won the lawsuit’ and start afresh, silenced the leaders of the entertainment world.

Korean’s famous group, ‘JYJ’ held a 3-day concert in Tokyo Dome from April 2ND. The tickets went sold out on the same day and mobilized a sum of 150,000 people. If the fans who went to live-viewing are added, a total of 210,000 fans enjoyed the concert.

JYJ has once again proven their huge popularity in Japan, but, it is also widely known that they have been deprived from Japan’s center stage after getting entangled in contract dispute for 3 years. This event (Tokyo Dome) in particular was as symbolic as, quoted by Nikkan Sports, the achievements of a soccer tournament.

‘In 2012, a soccer match that has their main star, JYJ’s member Junsu’ was held in Kokuritsukyougijou Stadium. The opposing team was…

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[INFO] 130419 AVEX vs. C-JeS : AVEX’s Appeal, 1st Court hearing date scheduled on June 26th


Avex Appeal – First court hearing
Date: June 26th
Time: 1:10pm.

  • AVEX to appeal the court’s decision.
  • This is not a new trial but an appeal on the court’s decision which C-JeS won.
  • There are no new evidences to be submitted.
  • The appeals court will review all submitted evidence. C-JeS won all counts of the lawsuit so right now, CjeS has high % of winning.

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[INTERVIEW] 130415 Jaejoong interview with Sina Entertainment

Stand by you my Jaejoong/JYJ …


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[ENG SUB] 130403 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome – Talk Before Singing “Fallen Leaves”

JYJ Forever ~


Credit: Miki4JJ
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[NEWS] 130408 JYJ Tokyo Dome Concert Rakes in 20 Billion, Live Broadcast In 113 Japanese Theaters For Devoted Fans


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K-Pop fans all over Japan are calling it ‘The Return of the King.’ On April 2, in the heart of Japan,JYJ opened their concert ‘The Return of the JYJ’ at the Tokyo Dome for the first time in approximately 3 years and closed the three day long concert with great success.

According to JYJ’s agency, C-JeS Entertainment, there were over 300,000 pre-orders for tickets to the concert. 150,000 people were able to obtain tickets from amongst this number through a random drawing. Needless to say, tickets quickly sold out.

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