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Kim Jaejoong and sinawe’s Kim Bada. Although this is a unpredicted combination, it seems very natural and logical. Kim Jaejoong’s first solo mini album “I” is produced together by Kim Jaejoong, Kim Bada and The Koxx’s Shaun. This album is the result of Jaejoong merging everything he likes, skilled at, and fits with together. Singer who has debuted for 9 years, a member of JYJ, a relatively new actor – all these tags must make Jaejoong heart heavy. However, with the release of the first mini album, what Jaejoong thinks about this most is: because I like it, so I want to try; because I like it, so I want to show it for the fans. During the Round interview on January 21st, Kim Jaejoong opened up: “Because I’ve always liked rock music since I was little, so in spite of the burden, I chose to sing rock. I also…

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JYJ, comprised of members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, and Kim Junsu, began 2012 by continuing to take the necessary steps to reach their growing international fan base.

Since 2010, with the release of their 1st worldwide album, The Beginning, JYJ have progressively advanced towards the international stage. In January 2012, fans all over the world excitedly anticipated the additional concerts in Chile and Peru that would conclude JYJ’s 2011-2012 World Tour. The concerts were met with a hot response in South America, with 6,000 fans meeting JYJ in a sold out show in Peru and close to 5,000 fans flocking to see the group in Chile. JYJ’s World Tour gathered more than 200,000 fans worldwide.

With JYJ being the first Korean artist to hold a concert in South America, the ground-breaking concerts gave a clear signal that JYJ would continue to take their music internationally, meeting…

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+ Avex announces its intentions to appeal

After the initial announcement regarding JYJ‘s win against AvexC-JeS Entertainment has revealed details regarding the ruling received.

According to C-JeS, the Japanese court ruled that Avex cannot insist on JYJ’s sole management in Japan, and ordered the management company to pay JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment 660 million Yen (~ 7.3 million USD). The court also acknowledged the fact that Avex has defamed C-JeS’s CEO, and as such, ruled that they also pay the CEO 1 million Yen (~ 11,000 USD).

To recap, JYJ and Avex ended their exclusive contract back in 2010 and as the conflict of promoting in Japan escalated between them, Avex had released a public notice that falsely claimed that C-JeS’s CEO was affiliated with gangsters and brought about the halt of promotions in Japan for the group. They also insisted that they had sole management over…

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