May those that had hurt him will suffer dire consequences!!!


Kim Jaejoong Fanmeeting in Nanjing

OMG I didn’t know I missed so much drama caused by YJS in Nanjing.

Where to begin… In addition to all the standard shit they did they hang a giant photoshopped YJ porn poster outside of the venue (Link 1, Link 2), which was seen by a lot of the crowd who went to see a major soccer match next door- there were 70000 soccer fans there that night.

The poster got on one of the major Nanjing newspaper the next day, and Jae became a laughing stock in the male dominated sports forums. A lot of pple are saying he’s gxx and disgustingly feminine, and there were many fans’ family were around the venue, some saw the posters and forbade their daughter to fangirl such idol going forward.

some YJS actually went as far as using this opportunity to reply in…

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