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The verdict for the ongoing case between JYJ and SM Entertainment over past contracts has been postponed indefinitely.

Another hearing was held on September 18 at 5PM KST at the Seoul Central District Court, but SM CEO Kim Young Min and lawyers from both sides were unable to come to an agreement. The court advised the two sides to reach an agreement and postponed a verdict indefinitely.

The case, which started in 2009, has yet to see an end.

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#FuckSm and #Fuckwhatever!


SM Entertainment and the group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Junsu Kim and Yuchun Park) who have been in dispute regarding the exclusive contract of the Idol group TVXQ failed to find an agreement and remained as far apart as ever.

Seoul Central District Court Civil Department 47 held an arbitration date for JYJ’s exclusive contract dispute at Arbitration room #579 of Seoul Central District Court. The lawsuit was about to be ruled on Sep 13, but it was brought to arbitration by the court’s authority.

The court held an arbitration date for about an hour with Young Min Kim, the CEO of SM Entertainment, and the both parties’ lawyers in order to urge an agreement, however, the both parties turned back after finding their different stances again, having no results.

“There was no outcome at all”, said JYJ’s lawyer told StarNews, implying the arbitration was failed. He added that “We only…

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Note: HK magazine has a 2-pg article for JYJ’s court case, a very positive report.


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“Not Possible” in domestic, “Welcome” abroad – JYJ’s Paradox 

[PIC: Idol Group JYJ – first Korean singer who had a concert in SanTiago, Chile on March 09. The group is exploring overseas markets since its activities in Korea have restrictions. From the Left: Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim. – Photo from C-JeS Entertainment]

The trio group JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park, Junsu Kim) is unique. It is difficult to see the group in the country, but the group is doing remarkable activities abroad. The team toured in Spain, Germany, Chile and Peru and the member Junsu Kim had his solo concert in Mexico – all as the first Korean singers who ever had concerts in each country. Why is the atmosphere from inside and outside is so different? You may see an equation of Korean Pop industry’s power structure.

◆ Aftermath of TVXQ Controversy?

[Junsu Kim who had…

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According to the the Seoul Central District Court, the verdict for the ongoing case between JYJ and SM Entertainment over issues related to past contracts has been postponed.

The two parties were unable to reach a mutual adjustment back in their latest court session in August, and thus a new date was set for September. However, although the verdict was to be issued by 10 AM today (13th), the court recommended that the two parties mediate and postponed the verdict once again.

JYJ’s legal representatives commented, “The court has once again recommended that we try to mediate… Although there are differences of opinions, the court believes that an agreement can be reached and strongly wishes for the issue be mutually settled.”

“We will be adjusting our schedules so that legal representatives of both sides can meet again soon and try once again to come to an agreement,” they said.

Source +…

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The final sentencing between SM entertainment (hereinafter called SM) and JYJ’s exclusive contract dispute has been postponed again.

The final sentence for the case between SM and JYJ is scheduled to take place on Sep 13, 10 am at the Seoul Central District Court in Dongguan. But the judge had ordered that the position must be adjusted on both sides. Representatives of SM and JYJ has submitted a written note on the 11th. On the 12th, the date change was determined.

SM and JYJ’s dispute is originally scheduled last July 19. Then was changed to August 10 but SM side requested for arbitration, but eventually, the arbitration has not been successful.

There are a total of 6 arbitrations since May of last year, both sides’ position show no signs of agreement.

Last July 2009, JYJ members Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu who were members of TVXQ (a group…

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Evil will not prevail.


Prior to our ‘Ode to Joy’ soon, I’m pleased to post SM’s history of Losing as SM is due to add another case on its losing history.  You’ll realise how pathetic this company is as this slave contract issue has been continued for more than 10 years, but the company still insists that its contract has no problems.

It’s a blessing that our JYJ members don’t belong to such company, and they will not ever be there again. XD

<July 28, 2002>
Fair Trade Commission Korea ordered 8 companies including SM to correct their unfair actions and imposed penalty surcharge(900Milion KRW)

– 8 companies including SM had founded the company called ‘I-KPOP’ together and sold their albums only through this company [illegal sole distribution] so that occupied 53.9% of total album market.

– Especially FTCK exposed that SM made unfair contracts with the members of H.O.T, Fly To The Sky…

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